Expressway to Excellence – Warrior Training for Competitive Exams – 5 Day Workshop

Exams are Wars. You are the Warrior.

If you want to come out as a winner at the end of your war, you need the training that a warrior needs to win his battle.

A warrior will focus on his physical and mental fitness preparation, join the group of mighty warriors, and fight under an able leader to increase his victory chances. Just like the warrior has his complete family invested in his well-being, your family has invested in your future success in sending you classes, spending money, and providing for your wants and needs.

Now, what if the warrior is untrained for the war? He loses his arm/leg or at the maximum his life in his pursuit of victory.

And what do you stand to lose when you fail in your war – the competitive exam? NEET, JEE, CA, CWA, UPSC, TNPSC, Bank, and railway exams to be cleared as the gateway for your glorious future?

Lose your precious time, energy, self-confidence and esteem in your journey. You also lose an excellent opportunity to have created a difference in people’s lives through your success.

You even lose the motivation to change track and move at full speed on a different path.

Here is an opportunity waiting on your doorstep to train you as a warrior to conquer your exams. What if we say you will not only come out as a winner but also thoroughly enjoy the journey? 

Enrol yourself in the five-day online workshop by Kirtanya. This workshop will challenge your existing mindset, push you out of your comfort zone and help you shift gears in your exam performance.

Details to Note:

1. Medium of instruction: Bilingual
2. Online Classes: Zoom access. Good internet, student email, laptop/desktop is necessary.
3. Time: 7:00pm to 8:00pm.
4. Age Group: 14years and above.
5. Program conducted by Kirtanya and team.

Payment Links to pay Rs.899 and enroll:

Option 1: Through Instamojo

Option 2: Through GooglePay
9840927660- jayamalini@okhdfcbank

What happens once you pay:
You will be sent an invite link to join our WhatsApp group. Once joined, you will be notified with all the information.

Waste no time, enroll and invest 5days of your time to learn the new strategies that will have a great impact on your preparation for life’s goal.

For any doubts or further information, call 9952974023